GB Performance & Nutrition has partnered with the company ‘Forth’, to bring blood biomarker testing to clients.

Biomarker testing is an accurate way of determining precise levels of key nutrients, hormones, and metabolites within the blood. This can give a better understanding of current health status and assistance with which direction to take during training or nutritional interventions.

GB Performance & Nutrition clients will also benefit from a discount when purchasing through the link below.
This service relies on sending samples through the post and is therefore only available to UK clients.

Please note that biomarker testing is not applicable or appropriate for all clients, and not everyone who works with GBPN will be invited to take a test. Furthermore, whilst you may order a test at any point using the link below, GBPN will not contact you regarding your results unless you are on an existing coaching package and have prior agreement to complete a blood test.

For more information, please follow the link or simply get in touch.