Body composition assessments involve taking a series of measurements across the body in order to determine the dimensions of an individual and be able to estimate lean body mass, fat mass, BMI, hip – waist ratio, and somatotype amongst others. The methods used by GB Performance & Nutrition involve the ISAK Level 2 (Technician) Protocols.
ISAK (or International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry) is a group who have developed an international set of standards and qualifications that ensure high quality in the ability of individuals who take anatomical measurements.

If you wish to know more about the dimensions of your body or would like to see the progress you are making over time in terms of changing composition, then get in touch.

Please note: If it is your first assessment with GB Performance & Nutrition then you will be required to book the ‘Full Profile’. Any follow-up or subsequent assessments can be the ‘Restricted Profile’.
This service must be completed in person. Therefore, this service is available to individuals able to travel to Wiltshire (UK) or willing to incur travel costs to meet at another location.

Body Composition Assessment – Full Profile £69.00
Full profile ISAK body composition analysis.
Measurements including height, weight, bone lengths, body circumferences, and skin folds will be measured to estimate lean body mass and body fat percentage, amongst many other metrics. Includes full report.
Allow approx. 60 – 90mins

Body Composition Assessment – Restricted Profile £49.00
Restricted profile ISAK body composition assessment.
Measurements taken focus on height, weight, skinfolds, and circumferences.
Includes full report.
Allow approx. 45 – 60mins
Used as a follow-up from the full profile.