Follow the link below for FREE access to a new fingerboard training routine written by GB Performance & Nutrition. This is the penultimate resource in this series of home training routines.

This session is not designed to target a specific muscular attribute or energy system, but more as a general session to maintain strength & fitness. The nature of this routine means it will exercise a variety of different grips commonly used whilst climbing (half-crimp, open-crimp, pockets, & slopers).

This session is best completed using bodyweight only, on a fingerboard with a variety of holds.
However, if you do not have access to a fingerboard then a single edge can work. Weight added to, or removed from the body will increase or decrease the intensity for the differing grips.

This is a moderate intensity session & can be completed 2 – 3 times per week. However, be aware to not overdo the amount of sessions you are doing. As a guide, separate other types of finger training by 4 – 6 hours, & take 1 – 2 rest days before repeating the same type of routine again.

Please keep an eye out for the final instalment of free resources I am working on that cover the spectrum of strength – endurance, as well as tendon health, nutrition, & general fitness.

I hope you enjoy trying out this latest routine. If you do, please consider sharing with friends & spreading the word about GB Performance & Nutrition.

Thank You!

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