Follow the link below for FREE access to the latest instalment in the series of home training sessions written by GB Performance & Nutrition. This time we are looking at 3 effective tendon training routines.

It is important to point out that despite the name of these sessions, they do not just work on the tendons.

The exercises in this guide are aimed at increasing the resilience of tendons & athletic performance of the muscles. All of the exercises will of course work towards gaining strength & utilise the energy systems similar to all fingerboard exercises. However, the particular work-rest ratios in these routines have been shown to particularly enhance strength, stiffness, & rate of force development across the musculo-tendon unit (session dependent).

Think of these as supplementary sessions to the other routines that have been presented in this home training series. They are most closely aligned to the strength sessions & as such, if you wish to add tendon training to your weekly workouts, use these in place of one or two of your typical strength sessions per week.

As always, depending on what facilities & equipment you have at home will depend on the allowances you will need to make to achieve the correct intensities. Access to weights & pulleys etc. will be the easiest & most adaptable. However, if you do not have any additional equipment then experimenting with different edge sizes, using a resistance band, or placing a foot on a chair for assistance will help you to find the correct intensity for these sessions. The tendon training protocols require a range of intensities. You may have already figured out what your max is, but if not, have a look at the first post in this series & try out the strength sessions to better understand how hard you can pull.

If you do not have access to much equipment then you should use the following guide:

Ramp Protocol (Recruitment): Pull down with max force for 5secs, on an edge size where you cannot lift your body off of the floor. Options could include using one hand at a time.

Continuous Protocol (Density): Pull down with submaximal intensity on an edge size where your grip fails at 30 – 40secs. Typically a 2-handed hang with bodyweight.

Impulses (Ballistic): An edge size that allows you to safely pull down with max force, as well as max speed, holding the contraction for no more than 3secs. You should initially pre-load some weight onto the edge before applying high force & velocity.

It is important to concentrate on keeping correct form throughout, particularly on the impulses, to avoid firing off of a hold during a high velocity movement.

These protocols are at the very high intensity end of the spectrum & only one should be completed per training session. A very light aerobic or generalised training session could be completed in the same day, but should be completed later in the day & separated by at least 4 – 6 hours.

Complete one of these routines after a thorough warm up & ensure adequate rest before completing a similar session again (1 – 2 days on average).

Please keep an eye out for the next in the series of free resources I am working on that cover the spectrum of strength – endurance, as well as tendon health, nutrition, & general fitness.

I hope you enjoy trying out these latest routines. If you do, please consider sharing with friends & spreading the word about GB Performance & Nutrition.

Thank You!

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