Follow the link below for FREE access to 2 simple, but effective, finger strength training routines written by GB Performance & Nutrition.

Depending on what facilities & equipment you have at home will depend on the allowances you will need to make to achieve the correct intensities. If you have weights, pulleys etc. then this will be easier & more adaptable. However, if you do not have any additional equipment then do some experimenting with different edge sizes, or hanging with one hand & pulling as hard as you can to find the best way of achieving your max.

Done correctly, these sessions are very intense on the fingers & pulleys. You may still feel quite fresh after completing the routine, but don’t be tempted to do them both back to back, or increase the number of times you do the routine. At best you will just end up working at a lower intensity, at worst you will be on the fast track to injury. It is possible however to follow up with lighter aerobic work or a general bodily fitness program.

Complete one of these strength routines straight after a thorough warm up & before any other exercises. For best results, separate other types of finger training by 4 – 6 hours, & take 1 – 2 rest days before repeating a strength routine again.

Please keep an eye out for the series of free resources I am working on that cover the spectrum of strength – endurance, as well as tendon health, nutrition, & general fitness.

I hope you enjoy trying out these 2 routines. If you do, please consider sharing with friends & spreading the word about GB Performance & Nutrition.

Thank You!

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